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My earliest memory of gardening and the outdoors began with helping my granddad plant runner beans in his veggie patch, when i was still small enough to sit in his wheelbarrow and be pushed around the garden, since then I have had a passion for the outdoors. Once I finished school I went on to study art both in Guernsey & London. I then felt that I wanted to channel my desire to be creative into a skill and decided to take up a Horticulture & Garden Design course in London. The course gave me great core skills and knowledge about in depth horticultural practices, along with garden design disciplines and landscape construction techniques. While I was at college I got a job with a previous student of my tutors who had become a high profile landscaper in west London, and I had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from him on costly large scale jobs in upmarket areas of London.





Towards the end of my course I was offered a turfing job from a neighbour in Peckham, she was happy with my work and re me to a friend of hers who wanted her whole garden re-designed & built, it was then that I decided to set up my own company. I couldn't drive yet at that time, so I would borrow tools from college and strap them to my bike and off I went. This turned into a few more contracts in London, which gave me some great experience, but I really wanted to go traveling in Australia. I returned to Guernsey for a year to save money and to undertake my biggest job yet at the Blue Horizon Hotel. It was a fantastic job for me, I was able to be creative with patterns, plants & materials.

I left Guernsey last year to travel Australia, not know what to expect or what I was going to do, I had numerous amazing experiences, worked in some hostile environments, with some hostile people, and covered over fifteen thousand kilometres of the beautiful country.

I did however always know that I would return to Guernsey in the end, i love this little island, the ruggedness of its coastline and fruitful rural areas, and I think I have something to offer the landscape industry here. I transfer my passion into my designs and construction work, actively enjoy working with my hands, and developing a connection with the materials I'm using.


Thanks for reading.



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